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Facebook technical difficulties!

Hello everyone my Facebook was hacked last night and Black listed I am completely locked out. do not answer any messages you may get from me f=starting from June 12th 2024. In the meantime I am working as fast as i can to get this sorted out! Thankyou in the meantime for all your support.

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Need a helping hand, I'll be happy to help out or give you A Few Pointers!


FULLY INSURED! Have peace of mind knowing your Dog is 100% covered!

Offering socialization and reactivity lessons! lessons 1 on 1 for $150.00.

Young or old, no matter the size I can help show you the way to calm your dog and understand why your dog is reactive or over excited at the end of the leash! We can make your walks enjoyable!


All services come with a free meet and greet or consultation, this is a good way for everyone to get to know and get a feel for each other to make sure I am the right fit for you and your furry/feathered family member. This also allows us to make plans on what what services are going to be provided, and discuss all the finer details.



Healthy Balanced Dog training provided in a non-judgmental and friendly manner. No harsh corrections here, we want your dog excited to learn.

$65.00 and up per session



I'll come and keep your beloved pets company and well cared for when you're away, this also has the added benefit of someone watching your house. I will walk your dog daily durn my stay as well as provide any brushing and basic grooming needed to keep your dogs coat healthy and tangle free! I also do basic Cleaning to keep up with dog hair and when you return your house will be just as you left it.

$40.00 a night



I board your dog at my home and train desired behavior's, or help correct undesirable behavior's we have went over in our meet and greet. while your dog stays and learns from me they will be in an comfortable home environment. they will have a healthy balance of training, loving attention and play. Your Dog will also receive daily exercise on top of training sessions I provide durn there stay to keep your dog healthy and happy.

$60.00 per day



I will come for planned visits where I will feed, play and care for your pets. Your pets will get lots of attention durn my visit.

$20.00 per visit

Drop off your pet or better yet I can come pick up your Dog and get Him/Her squeaky clean, smelling fresh and looking there best!
Check out all my information and pricing by using the grooming tab above!


My Personal Dogs (Won-Ton, Buck and Buster)


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